🤔Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Disperse ?

Smart Disperse is a platform designed to simplify cryptocurrency transactions by enabling users to send cryptocurrency to multiple recipients in a single transaction. It streamlines the process of dispersing funds, offering features such as batch transactions, customization options, recipient management, and support for both same-chain and cross-chain transactions. Smart Disperse aims to make cryptocurrency payments more efficient, convenient, and accessible for users, whether they are managing payments for businesses or distributing funds among friends and family.

How can i sign up Smart Disperse as a new user ?

To sign up as a new user on Smart Disperse, simply connect your cryptocurrency wallet and sign in to verify ownership of the address. This streamlined process ensures a secure and convenient registration experience, allowing you to quickly access the platform's features and start managing your cryptocurrency transactions with ease. Additionally, by leveraging your existing wallet, Smart Disperse minimizes the need for proving your ownership again, enhancing both user convenience and security.

Is my personal information secure on Smart Disperse?

Yes, Smart Disperse takes the security of users' personal information seriously. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect user data and use encryption protocols to secure transactions and communications.

What Chains are supported by Smart Disperse?

Smart disperse supports variety of Network Chains for Mainnet & Testnet of Scroll, Mode, Optimism, Base & Ethereum

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